1988 Studebaker Avanti Convertible

Avanti is Italian for ‘forward’, which is quite fitting for this vehicle. Designed by Raymond Loewy in 1961, the Avanti was Sherwood Egbert’s vision to re-energise Studebaker’s image to attract younger buyers to the brand.

We’ve always had an Avanti, not just because it was Studebaker’s last independent design from the world’s leading industrial designer of the day, not just because it broke all the speed records, not just because it was different by design, but because it’s just a way cool car.

Supplied in elegant red coachwork, with a tan leather interior and matching tan convertible roof, this is an ideal car for the boys – or the bride with petrol in her veins – but please remember, because it’s a sports car, it might be a little cramped in the back seat.


This car is one of approximately 80 convertibles made in 1988. It was sold new in Ohio.

In 1994, it was purchased by an old friend of ours, Bob and Julie Bax, in Denver, Colorado who is a Studebaker collector. In May 2004 we bought the car and flew over to Denver to pick it up personally. We left Denver in a snow storm and drove across the top of Texas covered in snow on our way to New Orleans. After seeing the sights of the Jazz capital and surrounding areas we dropped the car off at the shipping port for it’s trip back to the UK and walked back towards the downtown area on that hot day having a lunch of Korean Craw Fish and the odd beer at some very sleazy honky tonks.

Back in England, the car was our summer road car for many years and has done several Studebaker European International rallies in France, Holland and Sweden.