1937 Packard Limousine

As the Packard slogan says, “Ask the man who owns one”.

At Wedding Cars of Warwick, we own two, so we feel pretty qualified to say that once you’ve ridden in this vehicle, you’ll agree that it’s absolutely sensational. These cars were state-of-the-art and this particular, full seven passenger limousine – complete with a glass divider for the chauffeur – will make an ideal car for your special event.

While the vehicle is technically a seven-seater with the jump seats, it only has seatbelts for four passengers.

The vehicle is painted in dark blue, with fawn woollen broadcloth in the passenger seating area and black leather interior in the chauffeur’s compartment.

History of the Packard Limousine

This vehicle was supplied new in 1937, as a right-hand drive vehicle and probably sold by the UK concessionaires Alfred’s of London.

Packards were very popular in the UK because they were ahead of their British counterparts in terms of design and technology in the 1930s. They were more reliable and had more power than their Rolls Royce and Bentley rivals and were more economical.

During World War II, Packards were extensively used by the code breakers at Bletchley Park and by other British military departments, with Eisenhower also using a Packard Limousine as his personal vehicle while in the UK and Europe.